Mobile Boat Hoist

Cairns – Mobile Boat Hoist

In June 2019 BSE Cairns commissioned the Pacific’s largest Mobile Boat Hoist. Capable of moving 1120 tonnes, the Italian built seven story high hoist is able to lift vessels straight out of the water for transfer to hard stands or maintenance halls and offers greater flexibility and improved scheduling, capacity and efficiencies for cruising yacht clients.

BSE Cairns Slipways has always had an impressive refit capability complete with a 1200 tonne rail slipway (80m LOA and 22 metre beam) and over 360 metres of serviced wharf space.

Add in all-weather enclosed maintenance halls and a team of highly skilled and experienced tradespeople and sliphands and its easy to understand why BSE Cairns has become the shipyard of choice for cruising yachts in northern Australia.